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Beautiful Haymill

Amidst the marching industry of the Slough Estates, the grandiose monarchy of all that is Windsor and the brilliance of Burnham and her Beeches is the lost quiet of Haymill and her Millie.

This little website is a small virtual home for all of us who live or work in Haymill, it is a quiet spot on the web which is simply here to reflect the quiet calm of Haymill.

Relax, enjoy and contribute if you wish, comments, photos and narratives relating to Haymill past, present or future are all welcome. Please read on for my other regular monthly updates and thank you for visiting haymill.info

Martin Carter

1st December 2010
Countdown to Christmas..... Ooeer, 24 days to Christmas!. FYI the Burnham Parade is tomorrow (2nd December) from 5:30pm to 8:30pm in the High Street. Also, for those of you looking for a Christmas outing, you could try the Slough Philharmonic Society's Christmas Concert at The Centre on the 18th of December, click here for moe details. Finally if anyone is looking for help with their computers over christmas please keep Haymill Computers in mind!

19th November 2010
I have been spending my time on other things for the past month or so, for those of you with computers you might be interested in my local computer repair service. I offer a range of services including repairs, virus removals, installations, training and web-sites. You can read more about my services here, or follow the link at the top right of this page.

26th October 2010
HELP REQUIRED Do you have any memories of the construction of the Priory Estate or Our Lady of Peace School. Were you part of the class of '61 or any of the early years? If so the School would really like you to get in touch with any photo's or memories you might have. They would love to talk to you and get more accounts of the formation of the school in preparation for their 50th anniversary next year. Please contact us here if you think you can help.

25th October 2010
Just a couple of small changes to the Haymill Centre events page to reflect some of the actvities there. If you have a community event or activity that you would like to list then please let me know.

24th September 2010
Yes, I know, not a lot of updates, what on earth have I been doing. Well I broke my foot and then got embroilled in a host of voluntary activities which, whilst being very rewarding, kept me away from the computer during the summer months. The winter is coming though, so watch this space for a new video and book. You might also want to check out the millie page which has a report on the recent bat walk!.

23rd July 2010
Well the last couple of months have been strange, difficult, rewarding and non profit making. Ah the joys of being unemployed. I am still spending time volunteering and it does take a lot of time and fill your soul. But it doesnt fill your wallet. Anyway, this is a quick update to say that I have added a few images, kindly provided by Mary Haskell, to the photos page. I particularly like the Burnham Lane in a hurricane picture. It brings back a lot of other memories of that weird and windy day.

16th May 2010
Hi Folks and sorry for the delay in updates, I have been on a job seminars and training iin London throughout the week. I have a few updates to report. Firstly I am sure you will all be aware that we have a new Haymill Councillor. Anna Wright from the Conservatives will be representing Haymill Ward for the next three years alongside the existing liberal councillors Richard Stokes and David Munkley. Anna has shown significant enthusiasm for Haymill and I am sure she will bring a fresh approach. Whilst writing I would also like to thank all of you who voted locally for me, it was a good contest and I am pleased that so many people came out to register their vote in Haymill. Following on from the election I have had to put some additional attention into my job search and have been training and networking throughout the week. I am however still looking for work so if anyone has an exciting project they would like some help with then please let me know!

A number of you have also asked me if I will be continuing to support the local community and my answer is yes, however I will need to put that in context with my priority of seeking employment. I will expect our local councillors to be taking full responsibility for representing the local people of Haymill.

2nd May 2010
In the last week or so I have had the pleasur of speaking to an enormous number of residents on a wide range of issues including Anti Social Behaviour, Childrens facilities and road safety. It's been a fun couple of weeks with a wide range of views being expressed, some local, some national, some political and some personal. You can see a few of the places I have been in the community walkabouts blogs link.

I have really enjoyed meeting everyone and listening to what matters to them in the local area.

If you would like to talk with me on any issues in your area then please feel free to get in touch.

24th April 2010
I am sure many of you will know that much of my time over the last few weeks has been spent talking to you the residents of Haymill. I am learning a huge amount about what matters to us locally in Haymill. I have had a number of discussions about road and traffic safety, particularly in Littlebrook Avenue, Walpole Road and Derwent Drive but also in other areas. I have heard some troubling stories of Crime and Anti Social Behaviour and I have seen a number of local street scene issues. You can see more specifics on my walkabouts by following the link on the top right of this page.

If you have any comments on any of the issues raised, or if you would like me to look into a specific issue in your area then please let me know. You can contact me here.

I also would like to apologise for the fact that the website is not being updated very often, I will make sure I rectify that after the elections, but in the meantime if you would like to keep track of my activites please check out the community walkabouts blog on the right..

11th April 2010
Most of my week has been spent talkiing to residents around the Haymill Area. I learned more about the issues of Anti Social Behaviour on the Northborough, I saw for myself some of the safety issues turning in to Walpole Road. I also had the opportunity to do a little work at The Millie (my favourite respite) and I attended the launch party for Slough FM which is, in my opinion, an absolutely fantastic endeavour by the young people of Haymill. Because I am mostly on the street I am adding most of my updates to the walkabouts blog which you can find at the top right of this page.

5th April 2010
Last week I got to see the new Slough FM facilities which are coming soon. You can learn more and watch their progress here. I have also added to the walkabouts blog with me latest local walkabout findings...

28th March 2010
Following today's workparty, I have updated the Millie pages to show the visit from the Local St John team. Throughiout the week I have also update the walkabouts blog with some of my local findings..

17th March 2010
More walking, more talking, less typing!
I am spending a lot more time on the streets at the moment and this means I am getting a lot of community feedback. I will place that feebdack on the walkabouts blog but will summarise any campaigns on this website whenever I get a chance.

17th March 2010
Small updates to the walkabouts blog covering littlebrook avenue and orchard ave.

16th March 2010
My Community walkabouts since January are allowing me to see a lot more of the problems and solutions around Haymill. I have already spoken to hundreds of people and I am learning more about what residents want in our area. Whilst I am out and about I am keeping track of things and I am now publishing them on my commnunity walkabouts blog which you can access here. I will of course continue to add more detail to the Haymill.info website along the way.

15th March 2010
Today I spent some time talking to people about the Derwent Drive Parking Issues, I also attended the launch of the new Priory Play Park along with a number of VIP's and Children from the local schools. I would like to say a really big thank you to all the people who signed the petition to get the park upgraded, I hope you like the results.

14th March 2010
I have added a new section to keep track of my findings for the traffic and safety issues around Derwent Drive. You can find our more here. I have also made a slight update to the Priory Play Park Page. I am having a slight technical issue with the community walkabout page but hope to have that solved later today and in any event by the end of the week..

11th March 2010
I have added a couple of quick updates to the NAG page to reflect the meeting on the 9th of March. I have also wondered on the playpark page why the priory is still not finished, In the background I have been linking my community walkabouts blog which, if I can get the technology qworking, will allow me to update live from the street!, this should be up and running by the weekend.

27th February 2010
I have added a couple of quick updates to the Millie page to show the recent work party involving the 1st Britwell Cubs and Scouts. I have also made some further preparations for my neighbourhood blog which I will be bringing on line in the next few days.

21st February 2010
I have just added a link to the Thames Valley Haymill Website via the NAG page, I am also wandering around Haymill at the moment and luckiily found a spot of sunny weather!. One thing I noticed on my walk abouts was that there appear to be a lot of dogs and they seem to be leaving a lot of packages around. Is it just me or are you noticing this as well? let me know!

15th February 2010
I have just updated the Neighbourhood Action Page to reflect the most recent meetings. You can see more here. I am also starting my neighbourhood walkabouts and will be publishing a blog of my findings shortly.

7th February 2010
Well life sure can be complicated. I have had the most difficult couple of months having become a budget cut victim. Times are tough for everyone right now and I am experiencing the result of that. What's interesting for me though is that when I am talking to people I still hear a real sense of optiimism. As I am now unemployed I will be able to put a little more time into my community interest projects. I will be able to further my local hiostory research and get more involved in helping local people to solve the issues which are bothering them.In the meantime if anyone out there is looking for a strategic thinking, action focused employee then please get in touch as I may be able to help!

I have recently added updates to the Millie Section and have just checked the dates for the next NAG meeting., I haven't received any nagatove feedback reegarding the new Tesco store yet. If you have a view (positive or negative) then please let me know. I have checked the priory play park and am also keeping an eye on parking issues.. I will be updating other areas along the way. I would love to see more photographs of our local history so please do get in touch if you have anything you think others may be interested in.

Finally I am considering a rewrite of the website, if anyone has any comments on the website and features they would like to see then please let me know.

1st November 2009
Further updates to the Priory Play Park and the Tesco's Store I also added a photo to the Photographs section, many thanks to Stephen Haskell for providing a great shot of the five points from around 1980.

I guess everyone may be wondering why the updates are so slow, well I have changed jobs recently. I now work for Age Concern. I love the job but it is taking up all of my days (and nights) so getting updates out is a lot more difficult. Hopefully as I get more used to my new role I will be able to get back to the kind of updates you would expect.

19th September 2009
Two brief updates to let people know about the he Priory Play Park Consultation and the impending Tesco's Store

2nd August 2009
There are a number of updates today reflecting the recent NAG Meeting, updates to the situation for Iona Crescent, The Priory Play Park , The Millie.and the Northborough regeneration. We are also working on issues relating to the No 3 Bus through Northborough, if you have views on this service please let us know.

27th July 2009
I am sure people are wondering where I have been and I apologise for the fact that the website has been suspended. My mother passed away, along with another good friend and then I changed jobs. I hope soon that my life will return to some normaility and I will get back to updating the website. Today I have made small changes to reflect the Iona Crescent Parking and safety issue. I have also added an update for the NAG meeting coming up on the 28th of July.

24th May 2009
I sincerely apologise for the lack of updates this month, I have been deaing with some very personal issues which have oerwhelmed me. I hope that normal service will resume shortly. In the meantime I have updated the NAG pages to reflect the upcoming meeting on the 26th of May.

29th April 2009
Updates to the NAG Pages and the Iona Crescent Pages, following our NAG meeting on the 28th.

25th April 2009
A small update to reflect the Parking meeting held yesterday for Iona Crescent and also another quick reminder about next Tuesdays NAG meeting.

22nd April 2009
I have updated The Millie page to give information on Dawn Chorus day. You can find out more on the events page. I have also added a really nice image from Mary Leone to the Art page.

19th April 2009
Updates to the Priory Play Park and Station Road pages to reflect our progress. I have also put the date of our next NAG meeting in the NAG pages.

4th April 2009
Small updates to add the slides and updates from the recent NAG meeting.

30th March 2009
Small updates to reflect the implementation of the safety solution in Royston Way, plus a number of small updates to the Priory Park, Station Road and Nag Pages.

15th March 2009
It seems that the Royston Way parking solution will be implemented shortly. You can read more here. I have also added details of the Priory Play Park petition and more details of the Britwell & Haymill regeneration web site. finally I have added a small update to the NAG page to reflect the recent CPS workshop and provide some information links to the CPS website

8th March 2009
In addition to the Millie updates, I have added a brief update for the Red Squirrel / Tesco's which explains about the current license request. I have also updated the Station Road parking area to reflect the current discussions areound Iona Crescent. Finally I have added a very brief update on the NAG web page from he NAG Chairs meeting including some information on the Policing Pledge. I apologise that the history section has not been updated recently but we have an enormous amount of information to put on and are trying to figure out the best way to present it. I hope to update it again shortly.

3rd March 2009
Updates to the millie page for the recent March work party.

25th February 2009
Today some updates to the NAG Pages and also the parking pages to reflect out recent Neighbourhood Action Group meeting

21st February 2009
I have added some updates to the Haymill Youth Club page including a short video which shows how the youth of today feel about the world the live in.

19th February 2009
A small update to the Red Squirrel Page to show that the planning was approved with conditions

8th February 2009
I apologise for the lack of updates in the last month, I was a little busy getting married! I hope to catch up with updates this month as I re-conect with all the relevant areas. You may be interested to know that the next NAG meeting will be on the 24th of February at the Haymill. I have also been advised that we should expect some work on the Royston Way issue in March. Hopefully I will also be able to start to publish some of the historical input that we have been receiving. Oh, and I am also planning a Burnham Grove Section so watch this space!

13th January 2009
The NAG Slides have been posted. We apologise to those of you who turned up to find that we had no room for the meeting!

4th January 2009
A quick update to include the millie workparty from Sunday 4th. We are also getting some nice feedback for the Watermill Video which you can view here.

1st January 2009
Small changes have been made to the history section and I have also added a couple of nice videos relating to the Watermill and the Bronze Aged Finds. I Have a larger history update coming shortly as soon as my PC recovers from some technical issues!.

14th December 2008
II have made small updates to the Royston Way Section and to the Red Squirrel Page. I have also added more details to The Millie section to cover some of the work parties from december. I have also had the really exciting opportunity to visit the 'hoard of bronze instruments' which were found near the Haymill in the 1920's I hope to put more detais on line over christmas..

30th November 2008
I've added a few more images by Mary Leone into the Haymill Art Section. My particular favourite is this one.. You can click on the image to see other great art.

27th November 2008
Don't forget to come and meet the Friends of Haymill Valley at the Burnham Fayre, Thursday 4th December between 5:30pm and 8:30pm in Burnham High Street. See more about mulled wine here.

17th, 18th & 19th November 2008
Minor updates to list the first planning applications from Tesco for the Red Squirrel Site, including a written summary of the changes to create a store.

16th November 2008
Today I have added a new ART section and I would like to thank Mary Leone for her contributions to getting this section started. I have also added one new photo to the Contributions section which is provided by David Hayward a Historian who has a wide knowledge of the Canadian Army and their vehicles during the war. I am currently researching more about the Canadians War Camps in Haymill and I also trying to find out more about the bronze age fort. If anyone has any details I would love to hear from you. I am still working on the Audio Map but it may take a little while as it is quite complicated!

13th November 2008
Updates today regarding the imminent arrival of planning applications for The Red Squirrel Site. Read more here.

9th November 2008
Sorry for the lack of updates folks, I am also looking after a number of personal issues. Today I have added minor updates for the Parking Section the NAG Section and The Red Squirrel. I have also been working with the Haymill Centre and a number of our more experienced residents to put together some audio tracks discussing Haymill Past. We hope to be in a position to put together an 'audio history map' shortly..

19th October 2008
A recent shadowing report has been added to the NAG Page.

15th October 2008
A small update for the latest NAG meeting has been added to the website.

12th October 2008
I have added photographs relating to the Kingfisher installation and procession. I have made minor changes to the parking page and I am working on a couple of videos to be added shortly. I have added a section for the Haymill Youth Club including an exciting video which they have created. I have also updated the Millie work party section and finally I have added a Youth - Things To Do section including a small BMX video which some of you might enjoy.

14th September 2008
A number of updates to the NAG page have been added today along with another update to the Station Parking page. I have also updated the exciting new Creativity for Wildlife project.to include photo's from the recent school visit

8th September 2008
I have added more detail to the Station Parking page here. You can also learn more about the exciting new Creativity for Wildlife project here.

5th September 2008
Just a small update confirming progress on the Station Parking issues, read more here.

24th August 2008
Just a small update on the parking issues added today, plus a lovely photograph of the mill pond and Slough Estates kindly provided by Brian Hollins.

2nd August 2008
Today I have added more photo's to the Millie Section including images from the recent artist visit and also images of the guides being guided!. There are small updates to the NAG section a further update to the Parking Section, more user contributed photo's and finally I added a small competition page!.

13th July 2008
Today I have added photo's from our last Millie Fun Day. I have also added a little more detail on BBOWT in the Millie section, along with a link to some eco friendly fact sheets kindly provided by BBOWT. I have also had much pleasure in adding a memory from Mick May into the quotes section. In addition to these positive additions I have also added to the Royston Way section as it seems that the Council have ground to a halt on any solution to our traffic issues.

29th June 2008
Today I've added four new videos, two in the Millie Section for Owl Pellet DIssection and The Beaver Exploration Evening. One in the Neighbourhood Action Group, and one for The Royston Way Cones. We hope you enjoy them.

28th June 2008
Ive added a few pictures from some of the May and June events at The Millie (and please don't forget the Family Fun Day - Next Sunday 6th July). I have also added a couple of great photo's of the old Haymill kindly provided by Andy Paton.

25th June 2008
Thank you to everyone who turned out for our public forum at the Haymill Centre yesterday. We heard about all manner of issues, each of which have been logged for action by the NAG team. It was clear from those who attended that parking issues are a big problem. We also heard about a number of issues relating to the quality of our neighbourhoods and spent some time discussing the future of the Red Squirrel. The NAG team would particularly like to thank Ruth Bagley, Chief Executive of Slough Borough Council and Rob Anderson, Leader of the Council for coming along and llistening to the issues which matter to the residents of Haymill.

15th June 2008
Despite issues with the server, I have managed to update a lot of sections, including more information on the NAG Team, more photo's in the Millie section and a new user contributed photo's section. Please let me know what you think and don't forget the NAG Open Forum on Tuesday the 24th June!

June 2008
I am sure you have all noticed that things have been quiet on the Website, unfortunately I have been busy with personal issues. I have a number of changes waiting on my Hard Drive so this month should see some additions and changes. I will be converting the Post Office section (we lost that fight... ). I am planning a new 'user contributed photos' section, so if you have any local pictures you are willing to share then please let me know. I also have a lot of great pictures and text which I will be adding to the Millie section. Please also note that the Neighborouhood Action Group will be holding two public meetings this month and we welcome your views. Click here to learn more.

April and May 2008
Most people will probably be aware that April and May were filled with the election season. Congratulations to Richard Stokes who was once again elected for the Haymill region. Updates to the Website in April included more information on the Red Squirrel's sale to Tesco and a new section on Anti Social Behaviour. In May and June I hope to expand the Millie section and also expand the local history section.

March 2008
Quite a significant re-write of 'The Millie' section to take into account some of the recent working parties and also to give more information on how to find it and how to contribute.

I have made some changes to the historical section reflecting comments received from the Burnham Historians. I have also updated both the Royston Way section and also the Save the Post Office section. I have heard plenty of rumours about the Red Squirrel but there have been no facts made available.

In addition to this I have slightlly update the Haymill Centre page to give an indication of some of the actvities available there. I hope to extend this further in the coming months.

February 2008
This month I have added details for the Post Office campaign and the station parking issues. I am also asking if people have any information on the Red Squirrel.

January 2008
As you can see, Haymill.info is still in it's infancy, recent additions have included more details on the Millie, the Shed and the Neighbourhood Action Group.

I still plan for a lot more information to be provided including links to local community groups, especially those relating to the Haymill Centre and the Milllie. The best way to be included or to have your say is to get in touch. Please email us with your comments and contributions at martinc109@hotmail.com

Haymill.info is a not for profit website, designed and built as a portal for people who live locally. I respect copyright and have asked for, and been granted, permission to use all the images shown. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the website for their patience and kindness in helping me to gather the contents together.





Haymill Computers

Can You Help?
Next year Our Lady of Peace School will be celebrating it's 50th anniversary and they are looking for pictures and memories of the school, especially pictures relating to it's construction and memories from the class of '61. If you can help please contact us here. .

New Pictures
We have ben given some new pictures. Take a look at them here. Do you have any local historical images? if so we would love to see the,. Contact us here.

The Watermill!
We have put together sme short videos to give you a taste of some of our research. You can see the videos here.

Derwent Drive Traffic
Do you have a view on the issues of traffic and parking in Derwent Drive? Learn more about this and have your say here.

Priory Parkl!
The new Park is Launched!

Northborough Regeneration
The Council have announced a new website for the Britwell and Northborough Regeneration. We would love to hear your views. You can read more here..

The Watermill!
We have put together sme short videos to give you a taste of some of our research. You can see the videos here.

Help Needed!
Recent emails have fired me up to dig a little deeper into Haymill's history but I need your help. Can you help with information regarding The Priory or The Bronze Age Fort or The Canadian Camps. I am tantalisingly close to being able to add colour and detail to these areas and would love to know more, Please contact me if you have any information at all.

The Red Squirrel
Consultation is now closed and planning is now in review. You can , read more heref

The Millie Kingfishers
Thanks to Creative Partnerships, BBOWT and the Friends of Haymill Valley Nature Reserve, the Millie now has two steel sculptures names Milly and Milo. You can read more here..


Many of you correctly identified the picture as being to the north of whittaker road and to the right of Haymill road

Royston Way
The Station Parking situation Is now awaiting the outcome of the completed consultation. You can Read more here.

Haymill NAG
The next Haymill Neighbourhood Action Group meeting will take place on the 9th of September, after which we will be publicsing our strategies for 2009.

Ruth Bagley, SBC Chief Executive and Rob Anderon, Council Leader came along to listen and respond to residents issues. You can read more about the NAG here,

Anti Social Behaviour
We are asking for your views on whether we as a community could act to solve Anti Social Behaviour. Read more here and then have your say.

The Red Squirrel
The fate of the red squirrel is now official. You can read all about it and have your say here.

Beautiful Quotes
Driving down into the Haymill valley with mist clinging to the stream at the bottom.... Read more in the Local Quotes section

Beautiful Walks
Have you walked through the Millie Lately....

Beautiful Photo's
Photograph's old and new showing the splendour and vibrancy of Haymill... See more in the Photographs section


For local election purposes I also bring to your attention the following:-
'Hosted by Martin Carter & Promoted by Natasa Pantelic (Agent), on behalf of Martin Carter, both at Slough Labour Party Headquarters, 29 Church Street, Slough, SL1 1PL.' 

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